Spiritual Experience Sharing

Have you ever had experiences in your life which make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, or which bring you a spiritual awareness or a depth of feeling which wasn't there before? Something which can't be explained by the normal run of events in life? It is those moments which inspire our spirituality and give us hope and faith for the future.


I'll share one of mine with you……….. 

Many years ago (we're probably talking over 30 years ago) I was working as a caretaker for a local hall. One night there were several people having late pick-ups to take them home after an evening for a disabled people's club. The letting ended at 10.00pm and there were half a dozen people still there. I chatted to them on and off as I went around closing up the hall and cleaning where necessary. One by one they were picked up until there was just one little old man (who looked in his eighties) left. From his condition I could see he wasn't capable of walking more than a short distance, and then only very slowly. It was getting late and I asked him if he was definitely expecting a lift. He said he was. A few more minutes passed and still no sign of his lift arriving. I needed to lock up the hall and was not happy about leaving him waiting on the doorstep, so I asked if I could give him a lift. He gave me a lovely smile and said he would be very grateful if I would. He wanted to be dropped off only about half a mile away from the hall and I was concerned that he asked to be dropped near a traffic island rather than at a house. I queried this with him and he said it would be fine. I told him I was unhappy about leaving him there, but he just looked at me and said not to worry. His final words to me were "Thanks for the lift, maybe I can do the same for you one day". As I pulled away the full sense of what he had just said sunk in. I drove round the island again (which took a few seconds) to check he was ok and there was no sign of him in any direction, he had completely disappeared. There was no way he could have walked out of sight in that time. It was as if he had never been there.


Share your experiences …………. 

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