You can be inspired!

A thought or desire to do, be, or make something which was not consciously in your mind previously; which stimulates your feelings, emotions and energies.

Some examples of inspiration in different areas of life :

RELIGION : Jesus Christ, Buddha, Moses, Luther, St Francis of Assissi, Muhammad

ARCHITECTURE : Taj Mahal, St Paul's Cathedral, Sydney Opera House, Pyramids of Egypt, Stone Henge, Machu Pichu

MUSIC : Mozart, Beethoven, Delius, Holst, Elgar, Handel, Strauss, Queen, Abba, Beatles, Dizzy Gillespie

ART : Michaelangelo, Leonardi da Vinci, Picasso, Klimpt, Salvador Dali, Turner, Lowry

GREAT LEADERS : Alexandra the Great, Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, Ghandi, Elizabeth I, Lord Nelson, Nelson Mandella, Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc


My Inspiration :

I am fortunate enough to receive inspirational poetry. Over the last 5 years I have received around 1,000 poems and have published 3 books (available from the online shop on this site) to enable me to share it with others. The subject matters are incredibly varied - as are the styles, length and messages they contain. I do not sit and work at it - they just come into my mind at random times and I write them out.

To be inspired...

·      invite inspiration into your life

·      do not reject inspiration when it comes

·      take notice of inspiration - write it down, sketch it, think about it, talk about it

·      remove your mental barriers (I can't/ won't/ wouldn't/ couldn't/ haven't/ mustn't etc)

·      surround yourself with people who support and encourage you

·      be prepared to be taken outside your "comfort zone"

·      find time to sit quietly on your own - without phones, TV, radio or other distractions and still your mind


All inspiration gives you a choice - that choice is yours to make (even if you choose not to pursue it yourself, you can encourage others to do so).