The Funny Side of Life

Laughter lifts the soul and 

stimulates the love of life

It sometimes feels as if we've lost our way on humour. Everyone now seems to be afraid to make a joke or laugh
at something in case it upsets someone, somewhere, somehow, maybe.

 Yet for centuries, if not thousands of years, people have sought out what is funny to relieve them of the serious, tedious and worrying parts of their lives. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers and the Keystone Cops (not to mention Laurel and Hardy) still make people laugh today - they made fun of themselves and situations. Shakespeare also incorporated much humour in his great plays, even in his tragedies.

Did you hear the one about the two spirits talking……. the first spirit said "I keep trying to make contact with someone on the Earth plane". "Any luck?" asked the second spirit. "No!" replied the first "I just keep going round in circles!"

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We can build up a growing resource of chuckle cookies, guaranteed to raise your spirits (and maybe even the spirits' spirits!).