Inspired Poetry

It all started properly in February 2006 when I was on a spiritual development course at Cober Hill, near Scarborough. In the first long Family Gathering morning meditation I started to receive a poem about God's Ministers. I had trouble keeping up with the dictation going on in my head, from Spirit, as it was given to me. I found I dipped in and out of the meditation to write what I had been given. By the end of the 45 minutes it was complete (read down left hand column first).




            There's many kinds of ministry                    You may give words aplenty,

            When all is said and done;                          Or you may just give a few;

            There's ministry to millions                          You may just get a picture,

            And ministry to one.                                    Or a smell may just come through.


            Just how to see your ministry                       But what you get has travelled

            And how to make it work;                             A long way to get here;

            To stand and talk to hundreds                      So speak out loud and clearly,

            Or just a private quirk.                                  So the audience can hear.


            There's ministries to spread the word        You may not feel you got much

            And those of evidence;                                   You may just get a bit;

            But there is no ministry                                  But to someone waiting out there

            For sitting on the fence.                                 It may make a perfect fit.


            So reach up to the cosmic                            So do not be fainthearted,

            And see what you can get;                            Just give it all as got;

            There's many ways to minister                    Let Spirit be the judges,

            There's nothing fixed and set.                      Of how you keep the plot.


            And if you seek sincerely                               And always please remember,

            And with an open heart;                                 That nothing goes to waste;

            The spirit world will help you                        So do not try to rush it,

            And show you how to start.                           There is no need for haste.


            You may just be a channel                            Philosophy inspires us,

            So channel good and true;                            And messages are proof;

            The words may come from up above          Just let the spirits work through you,

            Or mixed with bits of you.                               Don't try to be aloof.


            You may perform on platform,                      When you make your connection,

            In circle you may sit;                                       Enjoy it, have some fun;

            But wher'er it is you join in                            When you minister to millions,

            You're sure to do your bit.                              Or you minister to one.


            And do not look to judges,    

            No critics let you sway;        

            If you are working truly        

            The spirits have their say.     


That was the opening of the floodgates. Since then I have received literally hundreds of all different shapes and sizes, topics and flavours. The other test which my Spirit friends set me was to produce illustrations to accompany the poems published in my books - no mean feat for someone who can't draw for toffee nuts! But I did what I could, again, by listening to and working with the inspiration they gave me.

One of my favourites is a humorous story of Percillus Berillus, a poem about a Roman Legionaire, which starts :


Percillus Berillus,

The gay legionnaire;

Had white leather pop socks,

And bright orange hair!

The full version is in my first book "7 x 7 + 7", which is based on my own interpretation of the Seven Basic Principles of Spiritualism which you can buy from the online shop ……but be warned that some may find it a little earthy! My experience is that my Spirit guides are not prudes!

My belief is that I have a group of poetry inspirers who alternate, as I receive some that are short and punchy like "Your Views" (also in my first book) :




When the groundswell

Of opinion

Is the views

You hold

Are wrong;

It's time

For you to


Why you hold

Those views so strong!

Others are reflective and encourage inner searching like "Down in my Core", this starts :



What do I feel

Inside today?

Right down

In my core?

Can I see,

And feel and know?

Or am I

Just not sure?

The full version of that is in my second book "Spiritual Spaghetti", also available from the online shop.

Some seem to examine the way our earthly lives are influenced so much by our own behaviour, like "Time Thief" which begins :




There's a time thief


In the confines

Of my world;

He takes

My precious moments,

And into the past

They're hurled.


Again, the full version is in my second book "Spiritual Spaghetti", which traces the thoughts and emotions of just one Spiritualist in just one day at work on this Planet of Emotions.

 I am not particularly strong on science, but there are some poems which touch on the subject, like "Atoms" which includes the verse :


 There are a million molecules

Within each inch

Of us,

And each one

With a mission,

Carried out

Without a fuss.


Those who wish to see the full poem can find it in "Spiritual Spaghetti".

There are many which are spiritual in nature like "Mutton Geoff" which starts :




Are we all

Like Mutton Geoff?

To the needs of others

Mostly deaf?


Wrapped up in

Our cosy lives,

With egg mayonnaise

And fine chopped chives.


This poem is shown in full in my third book "Captain Hubble Bubble Gum's Disciple", which is based on the experiences of a rather mischievous young boy called Ronnie and the tricks he gets up to. Ronnie also has a sister, who is typical of a modern teenage girl, having issues about her mum's attempts to impose some order and discipline into her life which gave rise to the poem "Deal With It!" in which she says :-




"Deal with it!"

The daughter said,

With hands on hips,

And eyes quite red;

She howled and scowled,

And stamped the floor,

"Deal with it,

I'll say no more!"


If you want to know how mum responded, see the complete poem in "Captain Hubble Bubble Gum's Disciple".

My mission (as I have been told by several mediums on different occasions) is to share these Spirit inspired verses as widely as possible. That has been the reason for the three books I have published to date and are which are available to buy from the online shop on this site.

I have a full list of the titles, themes and topics of the poems I have received, which I have categorised, and it is my intention to publish occasional booklets on particular themes, from time to time, which may interest those who do not wish to read a whole book. These will be included in the online shop when they are available - watch this space.

Samples of my poems may also appear from time to time in the Blog section of this site.

As I sat down to write the text of this page, this came to my head, I just took the dictation from my Spirit friends:




Rhymes and rhythms

Fill my head,

When I am so inspired;

No cause,

No need,

When I'm in bed,

And often when I'm tired;

No hunt,

No chase,

No work like mad,

To fill a page with words;

Rhymes and rhythms

Fill my head,

As Spirit rope my herds.


I regard myself as truly blessed to receive my inspired poems and am grateful to be in the position to share them with others. I hope you are able to share my joy, and that it may encourage you to explore your own fields of inspiration to see how they can enrich your life. You really do have so much to share with others, you just have to let your own light shine through!