Spiritual Music

Spiritual Music enhances your journey

I have found that spiritually inspiring and relaxing music has added immensely to the quality of my own spiritual journey.

There is so much available and it is difficult to know where to begin looking. In case it helps anyone, I list below some of the cd's I have found most helpful either to assist meditations, to have on in the background, or just to sit and listen to.

Native American themes

Ambience (Ancestors)                                    Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Cheyenne Nation (Joseph Fire Crow)       Makoche www.makoche.com

Eagle Spirit (Medwyn Goodall)                     New World Music www.newworldmusic.com

Eternal Flames                                                Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Even Wolves Dream (Antony Miles)             New World Music www.newworldmusic.com         

Eye of the Wolf (Medwyn Goodall)              MG Music Ltd  www.medwyngoodall.com

In Search of Spirit                                           Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Night Flight (Impressions)                             Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Spirit Dreams                                                  Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Spirit of the Ancestors                                   Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Spirit of the Wolf                                            Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Spirits of Nature (Mashi)                               n/k

Summoning the Spirit (Chris Conway)          Paradise Music Ltd www.paradisemusic.co.uk

Native American Nights                                 Paradise Music Ltd www.paradisemusic.co.uk


Angelic Sounds

Mystic Angel (Mike Rowland)                      New World Music www.newworldmusic.com

Return of the Angels (Philip Chapman)         New World Music www.newworldmusic.com

Where Angels Tread (Medwyn Goodall)       New World Music www.newworldmusic.com


Healing Music

Animal Healing (Mind, Body & Soul)            New World Music www.newworldmusic.com

Healing Spirit                                                  Fast Forward Music www.fastforwardmusic.co.uk


Shamanic Music

Calling down the Stars (Will Pimlett)             www.willpimlett.com

Entering Dreamtime (Tanya Gerard and Rob Thomas)    www.soulfoodmusic.com

Reconnection (Will Pimlett)                           www.willpimlett.com

Shaman's Way (Soulfood)                              www.soulfoodmusic.com

UluracGlobal Journey                                     www.global-journey.com

The Crystal Shaman (Lex van Someren)      www.someren.de



Fire Dance (Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek)   www.celestialharmonies.com


Buddhist/ Chinese

Buddhist Meditation (3CD Set)                     Union Square www.unionsquaremusic.co.uk

Chill-Out Tibet                                               Global Journey www.global-journey.com

Beijng Dreams                                     Global Journey www.global-journey.com


Natural Sounds

Relax with Nature (Mountain Stream)     New World Music  www.newworldmusic.com

Daily Mail Body and Soul Collection:

            Alpha state for Pilates                       www.fireflyentertainment.co.uk

            Deepest Rainforest                             www.fireflyentertainment.co.uk                               

            Mystical Ocean                                  www.fireflyentertainment.co.uk

            Tranquil Waters                                  www.fireflyentertainment.co.uk



Faeries and Dreams (Stephen Rhodes)     New World Music www.newworldmusic.com

Journey to the Faeries (Llewellyn)                 New World Music www.newworldmusic.com



Chill Out Jazz                                                 Global Journey www.global-journey.com


South American

Echoes of the Andes (Los Viajeros)               Global Journey www.global-journey.com

The Best of Incantation (Incantation)             Art of Landscape www.amazon.co.uk


Calming Music

Pure Healing (Stephen Rhodes)                   New World Music www.newworldmusic.com

Pure Tranquility (Stephen Rhodes)               New World Music www.newworldmusic.com


Inspired Piano Music

Free Spirit (Craig Sutcliffe)                             craig@hotmail.com



Night Owl (Late Night Classics)                    Classical Comms Ltd www.classicalcommunications.com

Sanctus (Music for Quiet Contemplation)     Classical Comms Ltd www.classicalcommunications.com


Guided Meditations

Owl Song (Mel Polley & Will Pimlett)          www.willpimlett.com