Unclaimed Spirit Messages

If you're a giver, and lots of us are, you'll know what it feels like if you've worked really hard to make something for someone; or you've been out specially to buy them something; or you've hunted down something they said they'd really like - and then they don't want it, or ignore it. How does that make you feel? Disappointed? Frustrated? Angry?

In my spiritual development sitting it has always been impressed on me how hard Spirit work to connect with us in order to give us a message. Spirit work on a much higher and faster level of vibrational energy than we are living in. To them it must be a bit like trying to land a supersonic plane (I nearly said Concorde, but they're no longer in service now!) flying at 500 times the speed of sound on the back of an indecisive snail who's overdosed on watching TV soaps about slugs. So imagine how they feel when their messages aren't taken.

When I was first inspired about setting up this website, the idea for an unclaimed spirit message database jumped into my mind. I have given this much thought, but have decided that it would be too difficult to administer. So I have, instead, included below some ideas for how to record your own unclaimed messages to retain for future reference.

I have experienced the situation where I have met someone who needs to be the recipient of a message received by me in the past - Spirit knew I would meet that person and gave me the message to pass on at the right time. By keeping the details of that message I was able to ensure successful delivery.


Recording Messages

This section is not intended to preach to those already involved in mediumship who know well enough what message receiving and giving is all about. The aim here is to give a few pointers to those less well versed so that they can adopt a methodical approach to Spirit messages and help make successful contacts. Those who do find themselves with messages, which are not claimed at the point of the initial Spirit contact, may find it helpful to adopt a standard approach to recording the information. Set out below are some suggestions - I am sure you can add more of your own.

Download the 'Spirit Message Form' here!