Spirit Buddies

Do you remember what it was like when you first started out on your spiritual journey? Everything was so fresh, exciting, stimulating…………….challenging, scary, terrifying!

  • So much to learn.
  • So much to read.
  • So much to do.
  • So many choices.
  • So many different opinions 
  • Then the need to get in there and do something yourself :

    • Would it be ok?
    • Would you do justice to your Spirit gifts?
    • What were your Spirit gifts?
    • Would people accept what you gave?
    • Were you doing things correctly?
    • How could you improve?
    • How would you recognise your gifts?
    • How would you know what Spirit wanted you to do?
    • How much was you/ how much was them?
    • Questions, questions, questions!

    I have been extremely fortunate on my spiritual journey to meet, and sit with, some wonderful, genuine, loving and very wise people. They have encouraged, guided, pushed and, where necessary, kicked me up the backside to get me/ keep me moving on my path. More importantly they have answered my questions.

    Without their support I would not be where I am today.

    At the last UK census there were only 32,404 people 

    who identified their religion as Spiritualism. 

    Although this makes Spiritualism the 7th largest main religion in the UK, it also means that spiritualists are spread pretty thinly on the ground!

    I have sometimes found it quite difficult to get in touch with other fellow spiritual travellers and it occurred to me how useful it would be to have resource which identified those prepared to act as Spirit Buddies for anyone in need of support or information. I see this as being particularly useful to those who move into a new location and don't know anyone there or where spiritual information can be obtained.

    The aim of Spirit Buddies is to offer a contact point for development circles, churches, spiritual events or mediums in your area. I am not suggesting that Spirit Buddies should offer to meet with, mentor or direct seekers in their spiritual seeking - merely that they provide a focus for information of what is going on in their location. In short - provide a network.

    Personal contact between individuals is a matter for your own individual judgement and caution.

     If you are interested in giving it a try and being prepared to help others locate spiritual resources, please email mail@lovelightstickystuff.com with your name and email address quoting "spirit buddy" as a reference. Please also state the county in which you live to indicate the area for which you have information. If you wish to be removed from the list at any time, simply email me and I will delete your entry from the list.