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11 March 2012 12:47:07: Back again!

It seems like a very long time since I posted on this blog, which is probaly because it is! Life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of the things we want to do by insisting there are things we have to do first....and the list just seems to get longer and longer all the time.

Like a lot of other people I am looking for work at the moment, so have some time to update this site at last. The events calendar has been edited to show the workshops calendar for 2012 which has an exciting programme, very much aimed at providing a balanced mixture of activities for all to enjoy. Reflecting feedback from earlier workshops, I have restricted the programme to one day events, as many people seem to have difficulties committing to a whole weekend.

It is especially good to welcome Will Pimlett back onto the list of tutors after a break of a couple of years and I am sure his Drumming workshop and Shamanic day will be very popular. The other tutors are well known to those in the Worcestershire spiritual circuit, with the exception of a couple of new names - including myself - so have a look and see which you would like to attend.

Email me on or text/ phone on 07958 - 365364 for further information - see also the "Events" tab for more information.

Sunshine and hugs to all!

28 April 2011 13:56:45: Spring loaded!

This has to have been one of the nicest Springs that I can remember. No high winds or heavy showers to spoil the lovely blossom and the Spring bulbs. Lots of warm sunshine to help shake off those Winter blues and I have at last managed to secure a new work contract starting next week, much to the relief of my bank balance.

Ok, so none of us are that keen to work, but it does give us a focus in our lives and the opportunity to affect the lives of others in a positive and supportive way. There are always challenges and frustrations to be dealt with, but what matters is how we deal with them. We can look at problems as annoying and unhelpful - or, as a previous mentor of mine (Richard Wilkins) puts it - we can look at them as exercise in helping us to get fit to deal with all that life offers on our journey.

I am sure that no end of people around the world would willingly change places with those of us lucky enough to have a decent home, clothes to wear, food to eat and healthy water to drink - let alone having jobs to help us sustain our lives. I think of so many places around the world where there is unrest at this time, or famine, or persecution. I try to pause every morning when I wake up, even if only for the briefest of moments, to give thanks for what I have and what I enjoy.

Sam and I share two miniature Schnauzer dogs (Ozzy and Poppy - 2 years old and 16 weeks respectively) which variously amuse, entertain, drive us crazy, annoy, take over our days, but most of all encourage us to share our love in an unselfish and open way. They are totally in the moment and make us think about all the things we do and how it affects them - all we need to do now is learn to do the same for the people in our lives! Not much to ask really!

02 April 2011 23:25:08 : Your past material life makes your spiritual future : Workshop (Rev Geoff Morris)

Another great workshop at the Alexandra House of Light Centre today. The Rev Geoff Morris led the day with his very personal take on the topic of how our past material lives affect our spiritual paths. It was a lovely blend of individual experiences and personal reflections, mixed with charming good humour and probing and thought provoking questioning. One of Geoff's inspirers joined us to provide guidance and wisdom from beyond the veil, based on his own experiences in his mortal life. There was a gentle and deep meditation which gave all of us insights into previous material existences and their relevance to our current lives. Topped off with some individual readings for all concerned, we all had reason to be thankful to Geoff for a great day!

26 March 2011 14:29:26 : One of those days!

Come on, we all get them!

You know the days..........

You wake up because the cat's shouting for it's breakfast - it must be at least 6.30am! You get out of bed and step on your keys which fell out of your pocket when you went to bed the night before - ouch! You open the curtains and it's cold and miserable. You go to clean your teeth and find your electric toothbrush has run out of charge. You go to the loo and find you forgot to put a new loo roll out when you finished the last one - interesting dilemma if your store cupboard is any distance away, especially if last night's dinner was curry!

You go downstairs and open the curtains to greet the world afresh and see the cat has had a furball and has ejected it, and some richly coloured liquid, on your nice cream carpet, in several places! If you're really lucky you realise you stood in it whilst opening the curtains, and have trodden it around even more!

You get the kitchen roll (one cat does plenty!) and some washing up liquid and water to clean it up before it soaks in even more, getting the carpet stain remover out on the way to getting the cat his breakfast!  You groom the cat and give him his food, making sure the door is open so he can go out. You get the carpet cleaner to work and cover the affected areas in fluffy foam.

The cat come back in from his morning ablutions and you can see the trail of footprints from the back door all the way to where he comes to greet you, so you know his mission was successful - especially as there's still some hanging off his bum on a strand of grass he ate the day before, which you then have to extract with some more kitchen roll.....and aren't cats understanding and cooperative at such times! (Note to self - I must trim the fur round his exclusion zone to make this easier if I have to do it again!). The cat expresses his great appreciation by swiping the back of your hand with his claws! Ok, perhaps I should have taken that a little slower!

After sorting out feline immediacies, you have time to feed the birds while waiting for the kettle to boil for you morning cuppa. As you open the back curtains, you find there has been a fly-past since yesterday by the pigeon patrol (some of them have far too much to eat!) and the windows are streaked with limecast inspirations - this will always be just after the window cleaners have been!

At last - cuppa time, and chance to do some gentle morning exercises to get ready for the day. I always do these in shorts and t-shirt for comfort. The cat comes in to say thanks for breakfast, rubs up against you legs (aah,, that's nice), then nips your leg as he wanders off, muttering things about slow service and being quicker off the mark tomorrow!

All this and it's only just 7.00am! Can't wait for the rest of the day!!

It's at such times that we need some inspiration - so try this one........





What you can achieve,

If in yourself

You do believe;

And don't let others

Drag you down,

By throwing stuff

That's soft and brown;

It may help them

That stuff to lose,

But it's not yours,

So do not choose,

To let it stick,

But duck and weave;

And in yourself,

Please, do believe.

I hope you all have an amazing day, and even better, an amazing life!!

19 March 2011 15:55:27 : Angels

Spare a thought for the angels. They work really hard to try and make our lives better for us. Each of us has a guardian angel assigned to watch over us while we're on this life journey. Apparently they volunteer for this - I bet mine wonders why sometimes (if not most times!). They can intervene and help us on our journey, but we need to ask for their help - I bet they feel as though they've been stood up (or should that be stood down?) with lots of us, as so few people seem to talk to their angels now, with all the pre-occupation with electronic gadgets. I have to admit I'm probably as guilty as anyone as I don't talk to mine very often. I'm sure there have been lots of times when I would have tripped up or done myself a mischief were it not for my angel quietly manipulating things behind the scenes - so here and now I say "Thank You" to my guardian angel - in case I forget later!

I have been inspired with several verses about angels. Did you know they have to go for training before being deployed to Earthly duties - in fact they are all graduates of the Angel Squad! Let me share this with you now :-





Sergeant Major Angel

At times of crisis

Has his feathers

They must show

In a twist;

Ability with stress;

The latest

The angel squad's

Trainee angel squad

Not known to flap,

Haven't got the gist!

The Sergeant takes no less!



Some are flying



Must be bountiful,

Some just can't take off;

With tender loving care;

And half of them

No matter how

Reported sick,

The humans cheat,

Because they'd got a cough!

The angels must be fair!



He really is relentless,

They learn to fly

As he drills them,


Slow and fast;

Arriving unforseen;

From solo silent swooping,

They travel not

To a throng,

By fossil fuels,

With trumpet blast!

The angel squad flies green!



Robes all incandescent,

No credit must an angel take

Must be smooth,

For actions done

Without a crease;

Upon the Earth;

And they must

Reporting that

All report on time,

A mission failed

Or face the angel police!

Is more than their life's worth!



Feathers must be lightly oiled,

Any angel letting down

And firmly

The standards

Held in place;

Of the squad;

And halos must

Will have to face

Be sparkling,

The Sergeant's wrath,

Or Sergeant's on the case!

Or even that of God!



Faces must be

It has its compensations,

Fresh and clean,

For an angel

Hands and feet to match;

Cannot die;

With humans falling

But when the Sergeant's

Fast from grace,

Drilling them -

They must be quick to catch!

They maybe wonder why!

 This is also in my book "Captain Hubble Bubble Gum's Disciple".

With all that is happening in the physical world at this time, I bet the angels are working their little feather socks off. One thing which Sam mentioned to me today was the importance of asking our angels to help work with our ancestors to put right some of the not so good things they did in the past. I had never thought of that one, which is promoted in the books by Lorna Byrne (The Angel Lady). Whether we choose to accept it or not, we are all what we are partly because of our roots, so what our ancestors did is important. So many people do not have access to thier roots now because of the breakdown of family links, which is a shame. As someone who has done some family history research in the past, I know what fun it can be and how it helps to anchor you in your life now. I just love looking at the old black and white photos, so full of history and nostalgia. So bless all my angels and bless all my ancestors for being part of what I am and will be! And to finish this bloggy ramble here's a little something I got recently :-




           Beyond eternal consciousness

A simple love

Just sings;

The beating of

Eternal breeze,

To lift the angels' wings.

   04 March 2011 15:47:41 : What's new puppy dog!

Sam has a new puppy called Poppy, who is a real cutie! I can say that as I haven't had all the sleepless nights and aggravation of trying to convince Ozzy, her 2 year old dog, that she is nice to have around and not just a new snack on four legs! We had forgotten (well I had, almost) the hard work involved in just achieving the basics with a new pet, like toilet training and teaching the basic commands and manners. Funny how everyone says before you get a second dog that it will be fine and the making of the first one - and then only say after you've got it that it can be months of hard work and you just need to be patient!! So this could just be another sneaky way for Spirit to get us to learn patience then....

After two weeks, things are just beginning to shape up and Sam is finally getting some sleep again. Both dogs are beginning to get used to one another and play rather than scrap all the time and they are making us laugh as much as tear our hair out. Patience prevails it seems.....

Lovelightstickystuff is also about two weeks old and has also taught me much about patience (and my website designer Russell Hancock also I suspect, as he's had to explain things to me and try to understand my ramblings). Getting used to dealing with new software is a bit like having a new puppy - I have to remind myself to get up from the computer to go to the loo, I struggle to get to grip with the basic commands, my manners towards the software creators are at times quite suspect, and I swear at it too! When I eventually manage to achieve something new on the website package, it all seems worth the perseverance, but my patience lays in tatters somewhere along the way.

I have now set up and Absent Healing page under the Healing browser and the "Funny Side of Life" is now ready to receive (repeatable) jokes from visitors to the site - so email me your contributions please - I am waiting patiently.......if you can believe that!

27 February 2011 16:26:43 : Stuff!

Why is it that as human beings we need so much stuff?


Having been homeless for a period in my travels, I came to appreciate how little we actually need to get by on a daily basis. Being challenged financially for quite a while I have also come to understand the difference between the questions "Do I need it..?" and Do I want it..?".


As I sit and look out of my window I can see the group of miracles which I so often take for granted. The sun shines; the clouds move across the sky; there is air to breathe; the water in my pond flows and the fish swim happily; the plants grow; the birds fly into my garden to feed, drink and sing; I am protected from the elements by glass which is strong enough to keep out the wind and rain, but clear enough to let me view the world. Why is it that when we see these miracles so often we forget that we should give thanks for their happening.


How often do our prayers start with "Please God help me get......." and how often "Thank you God....". Yet if anyone were to visit our home and not thank us for our hospitality upon leaving, we would probably be annoyed and not invite them again. What has happened to our manners and our respect? I don't think we are necessarily bad, just rather forgetful and pre-occupied.


It means more to me that someone smiles and shares a hug or a few kind words than if they bring me stuff. I fight a losing battle with stuff most days. I have trouble disposing of things if I think they "might come in useful one day" - a childhood conditioning legacy having been brought up just after the Second World War - but I do try to send more stuff off to charity shops now. I also try to pass stuff on to someone whose need is greater than mine, or at least recycle it.


This year I really am going to try to reduce the amount of stuff I have; to appreciate the people I meet more; to help others more; and to remember my manners. Tonight my prayers will start with "Thank you God...".

 09 March 2011 Workshop Review : Reaching your higher self and higher inspirers (Rev Melanie Hallett)

The following review was written by one of the workshop attendees:-

"As always, Mel and her inspirers delivered a wonderful weekend workshop. We were all 'moved'/ changed / lifted by explanations and exercises which encompassed everyone's abilities. Her gentle, amusing attitude was stimulating and encouraging to all. The flow of work was well planned (thank you White Owl), paced to be accessible to all. Mel drew each of us in to be working members/ contributors to the course. I feel we all 'lifted up' during the weekend and that it will make a lasting change/ contribution to the rest of our lives here."

The next workshop with Melanie is on 25th and 26th June 2011 "The Expression of our Higher Inspiration". Bookings now being taken by Ray Edwards at the House of Light - see events tab.

Places are still available for the next calendar event of "Yoga and Meditation" at Birlingham Village Hall on Saturday 20 March 2011. Please contact Sandi Gasparro on 01386 - 750648 or Ray Edwards on 07958 - 365364 - see events tab.