Healing Works!

On your spiritual journey you will probably find you are in 

one of the following categories :

     You need healing - physical, emotional, spiritual

     You have the gift of healing and can help others

     You both need healing and can heal others 

To me healing is wonderful. I have been on the receiving 

end of healing given :

  It helped me to deal with the onset of a particularly aggressive form of prostrate cancer; a major operation to remove my prostrate; subsequent recovery; radiotherapy.

  It has enabled me to deal with some traumatic emotional events in my life which had taken me towards rock bottom.


One popular misconception is that healing is always intended to make the person well. If someone is terminally ill, healing will not prevent their passing over or hold them back; but it will bring peace and calm and eases the process. If the reason for the illness is karmic in origin (ie it arises from the result of actions by the individual in a former life, for which they need to experience the effects of such an illness) then healing will help them understand, accept and deal with the illness.

I have also been fortunate to have the opportunity to study three forms of healing which enable me to give healing to others. My qualifications are in :-


·      Bowen Therapy (BTPA, Cert ECBS, CNHC Registered)

·      Reiki (Reiki Master - Usui method)

·      Spiritual Healing (SPHA)


Having worked with computers and numbers most of my working life, I find tremendous satisfaction and fulfilment from giving healing to others. To me it is a true spiritual privilege to be able to enhance the life journey of others in this way.

The sub tabs give brief summaries of the healing forms I practice. If you wish to enquire about a treatment please email me. Please note there is now an absent healing list on the site - see the sub tab "Absent Healing".