Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

The channelling of healing energy from it's spiritual source to someone who needs it is called Spiritual Healing. The channel is usually transferred to the patient through the healer's hands (the hands do not need to be in direct contact with the patient's body, but can be held a few inches away to avoid being invasive). The healing does not come from the healer, but through them.

The word "spiritual" refers to the divine nature of the energy, which healers agree comes from one external, invisible, intelligent source. The healing energy from this source is available to all. Spiritual Healing is not part of, nor allied to, any particular religion. It is an experience involving an awareness and relationship with something that transcends your personal self as well as the human order of things.

 Who will benefit?

Spiritual Healing can be beneficial for anyone - man, woman or child of any age or condition.


Spiritual Healing treats the whole person

Spiritual Healing is when energy is transmitted to the person who needs it. The treatment works on the mind, body and spirit, which are seen as combined and which must harmonise for good health. Healers believe that whatever the problem - whether a broken limb or depression - the power of healing is needed in order to restore balance. Sickness often starts in the mind, or at the deeper level of the spirit, and it is often here that the healing begins.

Healers believe that everyone has a healing mechanism that flows as an energy force around the body. Mind and spirit keep them in running order. Unfortunately, stress, an inadequate diet, a negative attitude and other adverse factors can block our healing mechanism so that it does not function correctly and we get ill. Spiritual Healing provides the energy needed to crank our own healing mechanism back into action. When a healer lays his hands on the patient, they act as a conductor or channel for the healing energy which they believe has the "intelligence" to go where it is needed.

Healers say that all of us have the power to heal, if we choose to develop it. Some, however, do seem to have a healing gift.


What does a treatment involve?

Typically, to begin the treatment the healer will attune with the healing energy. Then they may scan the body, with hands hovering just above the body. This scanning is to take a reading of the body's energy levels and to locate areas of low or blocked energy where healing is needed. How long the healer spends on each area is determined by the needs of the patient. Generally the session lasts about an hour. All healers work in this way, but some employ additional healing tools such as dowsers, visualisation, pat lives therapy, aura cleansing, or cleansing the seven main chakra energy centres of the body.

During the treatment heat may be felt coming through the healer's hands, although some people feel a draught, a tingling sensation, pins and needles, or a feeling of light-headedness. Afterwards most people say they feel relaxed and peaceful, although you might feel thirsty or sleepy. It is best to leave a few days or a week between sessions to give the healing time to work.

Absent healing may be sent to those unable to reach a healer to receive healing direct.


Where did it originate?

Spiritual Healing is as old as time itself. Practised and recorded in history by all the great civilisations. Since the very beginning health has been important to mankind and healing applied to those in need by those with the ability to heal.


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